Rules on the Mat

  • Walk in with a beginners mind, leave your EGO at the door.

  • ALWAYS great your professor first when entering the mat, then all your colleagues.

  • Never use inappropriate language inside the gym.
    Always be aware of kids in the gym and ensure they are not exposed to any inappropriate or aggressive language.
  • Treat EVERYONE with RESPECT and good manners.
  • Look after the gym & help maintaining the amenities clean.
  • Don't walk on the mats in your shoes or flip flops.
  • Do wear your shoes and flip flops when you go to the toilet.
  • Cut your finger & toe nails short. This is not only to stop scratching and cuts but also to prevent your nails being bent backwards if they catch on the mat.
  • Wash your uniform after every use.
  • Turn up to class on time.
    Unless you like pushups....
  • Do not train when sick.
  • Bring your smile and have fun.