Established in 2016, Checkmat Tweed Heads is built upon the principle of delivering quality, family friendly Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes to individuals throughout the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales.

Our Academy

At Checkmat Tweed Heads, we believe a supportive, safe environment is a crucial factor to encouraging personal growth. Our Tweed Heads Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy boats a large open space, complete with a highly experienced coach and modern facilities.

Feel right at home as a member of our family run academy—visit us today.

Checkmat Tweed Heads spacious jiu-jitsu academy

Dedicated brazilian jiu-jitsu gym

Checkmat Tweed Heads is a specialist Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with industry-level facilities. We encourage the development of your inner wellbeing by teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu—also known as the 'Gentle Art'—in a safe and cautious environment. Our location is home to a modern washroom, along with a fully equipped kitchenette and chill-out space, where parents can sit and relax while watching their children during class.


Brilliant range of classes

We have classes for all ages and abilities to ensure everyone gets to enjoy the fantastic benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Our children's classes include Little Monkeys (4–7 years), Gorillas (7–12 years) and Godzillas (12+ years).

We also offer a selection of adult training sessions, including  including GI, no GI, women’s only class and one-on-one sessions, which are beneficial to your health, wellbeing confidence and self defence.


Experienced coach

Daniel Almeida is the friendly and passionate Head Coach at Checkmat Tweed Heads.

He has been training Jiu-Jitsu for more than 16 years, receiving his black belt from long-time friend, and Checkmat supporter, Marcus Almeida Buchecha (10X World Champion) in 2016.

Daniel is a very warm-hearted person, with a unique way of teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 



Don't take our word for it—our testimonials let you experience our unique Jiu-Jitsu academy, from the eyes of our clients. Want to learn more about our fantastic selection of classes and facilities? Contact our friendly, family run team today. 


Checkmat changed my life

I cannot recommend Checkmat Tweed Heads highly enough.

Not only are the coaches and their families beautiful people, they genuinely care about each and every person who enters their dojo.

I used to be ‘that guy’ who was unmotivated, unfit and would only stick to a gym routine for a month or two, and then get over it. 

Since joining Checkmat Tweed Heads, my life has changed completely. 

I am now more motivated, and the fittest I have been in 17 years. I will never go back to being ‘that guy’.

I encourage everyone who is looking for a lifestyle change in a safe, fun, family environment to visit the team at Checkmat Tweed Heads.

Cohen Tease – October, 2017

Kid's fitness classes in Tweed Heads, Gold Coast

INTERACTIVE environment for kids

"We are so glad we found the families at Checkmat! They have been absolutely amazing. So welcoming and our son has learnt so, so much. Highly recommend Checkmat Tweed Heads for any age. OSS!"

Alicia Teaze – August, 2017


the team Treat you as part of their family

"It was an absolute pleasure to train with the guys at Checkmat. I turned up there when on holidays and was treated like I was part of the family! Can't wait to my next visit!"

Rob Gravenall – August, 2017

Checkmat Tweed Heads is a friendly, family-loving academy

Great, empowering atmosphere

"Great atmosphere! My kids seem to have a really great time while learning empowering and life changing skills. Good job Checkmat!"

Caio Souza – September, 2017